Career Development Event Tips

Prepare for the Event

  • Research the business and industry. Having a basic understanding of who is presenting, where you are going, and what you will be learning will make for a much more interesting event.

  • Dress appropriately. If you are going on a tour and business asks you to wear certain attire, make sure you do! If not, you will not be allowed on the tour. If they do not indicate specific attire, jeans and nice shirts or even school attire are recommended. Closed toed shoes are also suggested.

Make the Most of the Event

  • Respect your speaker or tour guide and follow directions. Give them your undivided attention. They have taken time out of their day to share their experience and knowledge with you.

  • Some site tours may have safety or confidentiality restrictions that you will need to be aware of and observe.

  • Keep an open mind. You may or may not be interested in the particular career field, but you never know what you may learn about the career or yourself.

  • Ask questions! This is your opportunity to learn about a given career. If there is something that you would like to know about, feel free to ask.

Leave on a Good Note

  • Thank the speaker or tour guide for their time and show your appreciation that they shared their knowledge with you. If possible, send a thank-you note either yourself or as a class/group.

  • Keep their contact information. You never know when you may want a job shadow and this is a perfect connection.

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