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Engaging High School Students

Make It Personal

  • Introduce yourself and your company.
  • Tell your story of how you became interested in your profession and the path you took to get to your job.
  • Describe your working conditions including hours, travel, pros/cons, etc.
  • Describe a typical day at your job. Some jobs may not have a typical day, if that’s the case, be sure to mention that as well.
  • Share a story of your favorite moment in your career.

Make It Interactive

  • Ask questions of the students throughout your presentation.
  • Provide visual materials and/or handouts if relevant.
  • Have the students assist in a demonstration or get involved in the event.
  • If you need assistance in developing interactive activities for the students, please contact your work-based learning coordinator.

Make It Concrete

  • Give the students specifics such as the average salary for the job, the skills and/or education required, and the tools or equipment needed/used.
  • Provide any career resources that may be helpful for the students interested in your industry.

Make It Fun

  • Challenge the students to an activity or make a game for the group.
  • Use prizes/giveaways that your company may have as reward for participation. Students love free stuff!

Make It Count

  • Leave behind something that the students can follow up with—a next step or resources for individual students to discover his/her career path.

Cedar Valley Career Connections

Work-Based Learning Coordinators

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Business Development Coordinator

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IVRS Program Coordinator

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