Scheduling your HiSET Test

  1. Before scheduling your HiSET test you will need a test referral form from your High School Completion program teacher.

  2. Tests are offered on Monday afternoons, Wednesday evenings, and Friday mornings at the Metro Assessment Center.

    You will schedule one test at a time. Contact the Metro Assessment Center to schedule your test.

  3. When you schedule your first test, you must pay a $50 test fee. The testing fee can be paid by credit card, debit card, or voucher. You can purchase a voucher at the Metro Center using cash or check.

    There is no fee for tests 2–5.

    A $10 transcript / diploma fee is required before you can take test 5. This fee must be paid separately from the testing fee and must be paid by cash or check at the Metro Center.

  4. If you need assistance paying, please talk to your instructor.

On the Day of Your Scheduled HiSET Test

Bring the following with you on the day of your HiSET test:

  1. Your test referral form from you High School Completion program teacher and

  2. A valid, unexpired government ID, such as your driver's license.

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