Gain a Competitive Edge

Competition for skilled workers is higher than ever with baby boomer's retiring at an accelerated pace and a lack of available, skilled candidates in the market. This makes it important for businesses to take strategic measures toward gaining a competitive edge in recruiting.

The National Career Readiness Certificate is an evidence-based credential that measures essential workplace skills including Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. It is a reliable predictor of workplace success. The results can be used for:

  • Screening -  interview only applicants who have the skills required for the job
  • Hiring and promotion - A National Career Readiness Certificate can be used as a "plus" factor to help make selection and promotion decisions.
  • Targeting training and development - target your training budget for job-specific skills rather than basic skills.

National Career Readiness Certificate Advocates

You seek to hire and keep good workers. The Certificate helps you do that. Individuals seek to get and keep good jobs and the Certificate helps them do that. The Certificate is the currency in the skills market. Markets work best when both sides, buyer and seller, have a full understanding of the transaction. In this case, the Certificate is a reliable credential that provides a clear measure of essential workplace skills. The Certificate provides the hiring manager with a clear view of the applicant's skills and the Certificate enables individuals to provide proof of their workplace skills to potential employers.

Iowa adopted this credentialing program in 2008 and promotes it through the National Career Readiness Advocates Take a Stand - We Did [pdf] promotion.

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