Winter Weather Alert System

posted on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 in  Parent Newsletter

Dear Hawkeye Parents,

We are quickly approaching the mid-term point of Fall semester, which means our students are well into their school year. Registration for spring classes will start on Monday, November 4, so it is important for students to begin planning their spring schedule. Early registration ensures students will get the classes they need at the times they want!

It is also time to look ahead for possible winter weather. Anytime you want to know if classes have been cancelled or delayed, you can call our Hawkeye Alert & Information Line at 319-296-4444. Closings and delays are also posted at and announced on local television and radio stations. Students are encouraged to sign up to receive automated messages via text, email, and/or voice mail through the Hawkeye Alert system. It is always important for students to consider the driving conditions in their respective area, and to contact instructors if they cannot make the commute to campus. We want our students to be safe as they commute to and from campus.

Thank you for your support of Hawkeye Community College.

Todd Holcomb, Ed.D.


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