Winning the Scholarship Game

posted on Friday, February 1, 2019 in  Parent Newsletter

Whether you are the parent of a current college student or a prospective student, college is expensive. Tuition, housing, books, meals-it all adds up!  Paying for college is a heavy weight that plagues current students, prospective students and parents alike. Unlike loans, scholarships are free money that do not have to be paid back.

Remind your student that the essay(s) he or she wrote when applying for college can be a good jumping off point for most scholarships. The themes are usually general enough that with a quick edit, personal statement essays can double as scholarship essays. Be sure that your student is answering all of the topics addressed in the criteria and that he or she is eligible. It is worth your student’s time to research and apply for as many different scholarships as possible. A simple search will pull up websites that will filter scholarships you are eligible to apply for based on the personal information you have entered.

Hawkeye Community College has many different scholarships options as well. Hawkeye Community College offers a Student Life Scholarship for current students and a Financial Aid Scholarship that is open to prospective and current students to name a few. Most scholarships are due by March 1st to receive funding for fall 2019. While the weather is cold, encourage your student to spend a few nights researching and applying for scholarships. This is a great way to help set your student up for success before, during, and after college!

*All scholarships awarded by companies other than Hawkeye Community College must be brought to the Business Office in Hawkeye Center in order to be processed.


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