Summer Financial Aid

posted on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in  Parent Newsletter

SUMMER FINANCIAL AID: Is your student taking summer classes? They may be eligible for summer financial aid. Students can check this through their MyHawkeye account or contact the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility.

FEDERAL WORK STUDY: Is your student interested in earning extra money to help them pay for College? Encourage them to stop by the Financial Aid Office to fill out a Federal Work Study application.

REMINDER: Returning work study students, please fill out a returning work study application before the end of spring semester.

VERIFICATION: Once the FAFSA is submitted, approximately 30% of students are randomly selected for further verification. Your student may need to submit more documentation to the Financial Aid Office. We are here to help with this. Contact our office for further assistance on what to do next. Call us, 319-296-4020 or email us,

Check with your student to determine if they have filled out a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) release. Without a release on file, we are limited to the amount of information we can share with you as a parent. Your student can find this release on their MyHawkeye account or by visiting the Financial Aid Office.


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