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posted on Monday, October 1, 2018 in  Parent Newsletter

Parents-did you know that your college student is at an increased risk for depression? Going off to college brings with it some major changes. Here are some tips that you can do to help your college student with their BEAUTIFUL MIND:

Talk! Check in with them often and ask how they are doing. College students actually want to know that you are thinking of them and supporting them (even if they do not act like it)! Make a phone call to your student to check in. Texting is convenient-but hearing their voice and actually talking is a great way to feel connected and really see how your student is doing.

Send them a little care package in the mail! If your student is living at home-leave them a surprise package in their car or room.

Visit! Come and visit when you can and let your student show you around their campus and living area. Seeing your student is the best way to know how they are doing! If your student lives at home-take time to connect over a meal.

Know the Signs. Educate yourself on the signs of depression. Then, talk to your student about these signs. Let them know that they should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk to you about how they are feeling.

All parents need help! The college has many people that are here to help your student! We want your student to be healthy, happy, and enjoy this awesome time in their life! Encourage your student to talk with someone on campus. We are here to help your student with their BEAUTIFUL MIND!

Hawkeye Student Health Clinic
(Located in the HESC Building)


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