Spring Into Allergies

posted on Monday, April 1, 2019 in  Parent Newsletter

Along with the first breath of Spring comes sneezing, itchy-watery eyes, and congestion for many who suffer from Spring allergies. However, there are measures your student can take to help minimize the discomfort. See the list below to help them enjoy the season of SPRING!

1. Identify allergy triggers.
2. Take measures to avoid contact with those allergens.
a.) You may want to close windows and use air conditioning.
b.) Try to stay indoors on dry, windy days as much as possible.
c.) Avoid outdoor activity when pollen count is highest.
d.) Do not hang laundry outside to dry.
e.) If participating in an outdoor activity, shower and shampoo as soon as coming inside. After being outside you are literally covered with allergens. These stick to fabrics such as furniture or pillows, and inside places may become as full of allergens as outdoors!
f.) Wash clothes and bedding often and vacuum frequently.
g.) Change furnace filters regularly.
3. Over-the-counter or prescription medications can be helpful.
a. Try starting with a non-drowsy antihistamine such as generic Allegra, Claritin, or Zyrtec. These medications work best if taken before exposure, or possibly every morning during allergy season.
b. A nasal rinse, found at your pharmacy, can be very helpful for congestion.
c. An oral decongestant can be taken. Some combination products are available such as generic Allegra D or Claritin D.

If your student suffers from severe allergies, are unable to get allergy relief, or have any questions have them contact the Hawkeye Student Health Clinic at 319-296-4224 to schedule an appointment.

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