School's in for Summer!

posted on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in  Parent Newsletter

School is wrapping up for the year and your student is probably excited for a break. Research shows that students that take classes over the summer have better retention of information and are more likely to finish their degree. Hawkeye Community College offers a variety of class options to help your student be successful over the summer. From Minimesters, which last two weeks, to 4, 6, or even 8-week sessions, there is a class to fit every student’s needs.

The different options allow for your student to work while continuing to pursue their goals. It’s a great opportunity for incoming students as well, to take a class and become comfortable with the campus before the rush of the fall term. Encourage your student to start utilizing the weight room and group fitness classes at the HESC. This promotes a healthy lifestyle and positive habits to take into the start of classes in the fall. Check out all of our summer offerings to have the best summer yet with the smoothest transition back in the fall.


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