Prospective Parents-Tackling College Visits like a Champ!

posted on Monday, October 1, 2018 in  Parent Newsletter

With a senior, the months go by quickly and we are already into October! At this point, the college search information is piling up and you are anxious to start visiting their top choices. When going on visits, the key is knowing what questions to ask to make sure your student is choosing the best fit. You probably know the basics to ask such as tuition costs, financial aid help, GPA and test score requirements but it is the extras that will set schools apart.

Asking the right questions will reveal more about what the school has to offer and how the school will prepare your student for the real world. Does the school have a career services center? Does the school offer study abroad options? Are tutors available at no extra cost, are just a few examples of better questions to ask. Here at Hawkeye Community College, we go above and beyond to help our student body succeed in the real world. Hawkeye offers tutors to any student asking for help, has a variety of study abroad options, and has a top-notch Career Services Center. In addition to the Career Service Center, we even offer a Career Clothing Closet to ensure your student looks and feels their best on the interview. Every Hawkeye Community College student is eligible to choose one free interview appropriate outfit from our shop!

Talk about perks and preparation! Be sure to ask to see these amenities on your visit! Good luck out there on those college visits and we can’t wait to see you at our upcoming Experience Hawkeye Visit Days on October 13th or October 26th.


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