Midterm Study Techniques and How to Help Your Student

posted on Monday, October 1, 2018 in  Parent Newsletter

How can it be October already? The weather is turning colder, football season is in full swing and that can only mean one thing, midterms are approaching. Midterms are a stressful time for your student and we have some great tips to help them, and you, successfully navigate this time. Encourage your student to start with a study plan.

A solid game plan is an excellent jumping off point and helps lower the stress levels. Have them sit down and create a schedule of when to study what subjects. Dividing up your time with different material helps keep the brain fresh. After the study time table is set, remind them that old tests and assignments make for the perfect study guides. Gathering up all the materials helps them remain organized, flip quickly and efficiently between subjects, and declutters the brain for optimum studying.

Many of your students will want to cram or pull an all-nighter. Studies show proper rest helps re-set the brain and helps to retain the information better. These three techniques are easy to relay to your student and may help lower the stress and anxiety during this time. Practicing these techniques now and making them a habit will also be a huge asset during finals!


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