Importance of Early Registration

posted on Thursday, November 1, 2018 in  Parent Newsletter

As the days turn colder, we are more than halfway through the Fall Semester and it is already time for your student to register for Spring 2019 classes. This is a perfect opportunity to have a conversation with your student. Discuss with them the importance of registering early—better class times, fluid schedules, and committed to the classes needed to graduate.

Early registration helps your student balance work, studying, graduating on time, and social engagements. As a parent you can use this time to check in and see how your student is enjoying his or her program/classes. The beauty of attending Hawkeye Community College is how easy and affordable it is to explore different career options. We strive to have our students leave with fulfilling careers. Visit our website with dates and times to register, and don’t procrastinate. The future starts now!


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