How to Make the Most of Winter Break

posted on Saturday, December 1, 2018 in  Parent Newsletter

Finals are here and holiday preparations are underway. As school lets out remind your student to keep their brain functioning during this break. Take time to relax and enjoy, but keep up on your studies. Challenge them to finish a book. Hawkeye Community College shared curriculum book is Ready Player One. Set in 2044, the world is in an energy crisis. The main character researches the 1980’s and virtual reality when he finds one of three keys to a treasure. As the drama unfolds and the plot thickens, Ready Player One is and interesting topical story that we hope your student will enjoy. After they finished, your student can compare and contrast with the film adaptation. It is a quick easy read that will help make the holiday break educational and fun. Even if this is not the book they select, encourage them to review course materials so they are ready for the return of school January 14th!

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