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posted on Saturday, September 1, 2018 in  Parent Newsletter

Hawkeye classes are in full swing and we hope your student is enjoying his/her program. Our annual back to school event, Fall Fest, was a huge success. We had free pizza, dilly bars, music, and maybe, your student was even hypnotized! The weather was perfect and hopefully your student took full advantage of the day. We have pictures up on Facebook if you want to see more from Fall Fest.

As the weeks pass and the newness of college wears off it is common for college students to become depressed. September is suicide awareness month and while it is a sensitive topic we want to discuss it. Be sure to check in and talk with your student. If your student lives at home try a weekly sit down meal, whether it be breakfast or dessert, it’s important to open the lines of communication and talk about the uncomfortable. If a weekly meal isn’t on the table, try a weekly FaceTime or Skype call. Here at Hawkeye Community College we shed light on this subject during our annual Don’t Let Them Walk Alone event the week of September 10th.

Tuesday September 11th, we will have a “Let’s Taco-bout It” Power Luncheon where we invite two speakers personally affected by suicide share their experiences. On Wednesday, September 12th, we have a remembrance walk around the courtyard where we display stories of those gone too soon. All week we have mental health counselors on standby to talk with students if they feel emotional or triggered. These events are a great jumping off point to discuss hard topics at home. Keep an eye on your student’s behaviors and speak up if you notice changes; a listening ear can be all someone needs sometimes. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, our staff is here for you and your student.


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