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posted on Sunday, March 1, 2020 in  Parent Newsletter

Important Dates:

  • March 1: Deadline for the Hawkeye Scholarship application. Applicants will be considered for Fall 2020 scholarships.
  • March 16: Second Loan Disbursement (for one term loans)
  • March 19: Credit Balances sent out

What is a credit balance? If additional funds are left over after your student’s financial aid has been disbursed and applied to the balance on your student’s account, they will have a credit balance. The Business Office will make a direct deposit to your student’s bank account or mail them a credit balance check to the address on file. Not every student will receive a credit balance. Credit balances can be applied to other educational expenses such as school supplies and materials, housing, and transportation. Credit balances should not be used to purchase a car, pay for a vacation, or be used towards any other non-educational expenses. Credit balance checks can be returned to the financial aid office within 30 days of the date on the check or deposit.

Is your student graduating this May? Did your student borrow federal student loans while attending Hawkeye? If you answered YES to these questions, please remind your student to complete ALL THREE Exit Loan Counseling Requirements:

1. Complete Online Exit Counseling 

2. Complete Path 3 of GradReady 

3. Attend an In-Person Exit Counseling group session. 

All three of these requirements must be completed during their graduating term.  Transcripts and diploma will be held until all three requirements are met.  For more information, students can check their Hawkeye email or stop by the Financial Aid Office. (In-Person Exit Counseling group sessions begin in March).


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