FERPA and Your Rights

posted on Thursday, August 1, 2019 in  Parent Newsletter


As we receive the 2019-2020 FAFSAs, students’ financial aid awards are being processed. If your student has not yet received their financial aid award, please have them check their Hawkeye email and MyHawkeye account to see if they have any missing documents that need to be turned into our office.

Check with your students to determine if they have filled out a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) release. Without a release on file, we are limited to the amount of information we can share with you as a parent. Your student can find this release on their MyHawkeye account or by visiting the Financial Aid Office.

Scholarships? Yes please! If your student has not yet filled out the Hawkeye Scholarship application, have them submit it before October 1 to be considered for Spring 2020 scholarships.

Important Dates:

  • August 26: First day of fall term classes
  • August 16: Students can start charging textbooks to their Hawkeye account
  • September 8: Last day for students to withdraw from Fall 16-week classes without having to pay for them. (late start or short classes may have a different deadline)


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