Fall Semester Book Buy Back

posted on Saturday, December 1, 2018 in  Parent Newsletter

Welcome to the end of the semester!  Hawkeye Bookstore is geared up for the end of fall semester and ready for buyback!  We always spend the last two weeks of each semester buying back books and checking in books that students may have rented earlier this fall.  If your student rented any books from the bookstore, they are due no later than December 14 in order to avoid replacement fees, so feel free to remind them to turn them in before leaving campus for Winter Break.  If they have textbooks they purchased, (either from us or another source) and they no longer wish to keep them, we will pay cash on the spot if there is a future need for their books.

When the semester ends on December 13, most students are ready to relax and spend some well-deserved time at home.  However, we at Hawkeye Bookstore will be working all through Winter Break to get all the fall textbooks returned, and spring textbooks organized, shelved, and ready for the next semester.  For those that want to get a jump start, our spring semester book list will be available online December 3 at www.hawkeyebookstore.com, so students can begin looking up their book lists starting then.  Online orders may also be placed as soon as the book list is available.  Students ordering directly from the bookstore can pay with a credit card or conveniently charge their textbooks to their student accounts.  Do make note that student accounts won’t open until January 4, 2019, but we will hold all orders to be charged to student accounts in the order we receive them and process them as soon as we are able (usually starting earlier that week).  When checking out online, you can choose to have your books shipped, or take advantage of our free store pickup option and just walk in to pick up your order box at Hawkeye Bookstore when you return to campus. 

Lastly, if your student is looking to make some money to help with textbook costs (or any other expenses), we are always looking for a seasonal employees that are willing to work during the first few weeks and the last few weeks of each semester.  Anyone that wants to help out for a couple weeks, take most of the semester off, and help out a couple weeks at the end.  No year-round commitment!  A little extra money can go a LONG way!

Thanks for the opportunity!


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