Current Parents-Tackling Spring Semester

posted on Tuesday, January 1, 2019 in  Parent Newsletter

As we prepare for the spring term, make sure your student is ready. Whether this is their first term or their final term here at Hawkeye Community College, the faculty and staff are here to assist you and your student. The beginning of the term sets the pace for the remainder of the semester. Encourage your student to get a planner and write out weekly schedules. Have them schedule study sessions, work hours, athletic practices, and time for you!

To be a successful student they need a balance of work and personal time. Setting up time to talk with your student gives them the confidence and encouragement they need to succeed. Help them set goals for the semester that are obtainable by revising strategies. Discuss with them what worked well in previous terms and what didn’t work. Opening the line of dialogue and asking them questions helps your student focus on what is important while knowing they have your support. If you aren’t comfortable creating game plans with your student encourage them to reach out to their Student Success Specialist. Student Success Specialists are here to assist your student navigate college smoothly. We wish you and your student a healthy and happy New Year with nothing but success!


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