New Report Details Hawkeye Community College's Significant Impact on Regional Economy

posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 in  College News
WATERLOO–Hawkeye Community College had a $444.5 million impact on the Cedar Valley region’s economy, including the support of 6,343 jobs, according to a recent study by EMSI Burning Glass during the fiscal year of 2019-2020. Hawkeye generates a return on investment to its students and taxpayers.

According to the report, every $1 students invest in their education at Hawkeye produces a return of $4.70 in future earnings, an average rate of return of 23.9%. Individuals who complete an associate's degree also earn on average, $9,100 more per year compared to those with a high school diploma alone.

Hawkeye generates more in tax revenues than it receives. For every dollar of public money invested in Hawkeye, taxpayers receive $1.70 in return, for an annual rate of return of 4.0%.  

Iowans benefit from Hawkeye through the higher wages earned by graduates resulting in a larger economic base and a higher quality of life with a reduced need for social services. For every dollar invested in Hawkeye, Iowans receive a $7.10 return.

The vast majority (92%) of Hawkeye’s students come from the college’s 10-county service area, which includes all or parts of Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Grundy, Tama, Fayette, Chickasaw, Floyd, and Benton counties.

Hawkeye graduates add to our regional workforce and economy with 92% of graduates staying in Iowa to work and live.

The spending by Hawkeye, its students, and its graduates generates enough revenue in the economy to support one in 19 jobs in our region.

“This report demonstrates the significant value Hawkeye Community College brings to the communities it serves,” said Dr. Todd Holcomb, president of Hawkeye Community College. “Hawkeye is an economic engine in our region and plays a key role in our workforce needs. Hawkeye is committed to providing individuals with the education, training, and new skills they need to have fulfilling and prosperous careers.”

The report was created by EMSI Burning Glass and used data from Hawkeye's fiscal 2019-2020 reports, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau, Burning Glass Multi-Regional Social Accounting Matrix, and a variety of education studies and reports. The report can be found at


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