How to Connect to Hawkeye Community College

posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 in  College News

Welcome to August and the return of school! Whether this is your first student attending college or you are a seasoned veteran, this is an important month for you. Hawkeye Community College is here to support you and make the collegiate experience the best it can be. It is important to be involved and connected to not only the college but the community. There is a high chance your student will remain living at home giving you more face to face time and the ability to have conversations with your student. The first month of school is a whirlwind while they figure out their schedules, attend events, make new friends, and create new routines.  By encouraging them to explore their options and take advantage of the clubs and organizations Hawkeye Community College has to offer you will feel connected to them and the college.

Once you have your student settled, it is important to focus on you. Every parent or guardian comes from a different background but the emotions and questions are the same. We encourage you to connect to the community by finding parent support groups. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and set a great example for your student. There are countless blogs and meet up groups for parents and guardians of college students. Parents need to stick together too! As a parent or guardian you are an important piece of your student’s collegiate experience. We hope the start of the year is successful and stop in to visit or ask questions. We are here for you!


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