Hawkeye Community College Announces Awards for 20th Annual Student Art Show

Ryan Dueker,
Ty Bellfy,
Katharine Petersen,
Khadga Tamang,
Xavier Jordan,
Kara DePuew,
Khadga Tamang,
Pavan Muppala,
Jessica Sund,
Aysha Parpucu,
Katharine Petersen,
Ty Bellfy,
Rhianna Folkerts,
Rachel Richards,
Khadga Tamang,
posted on Thursday, April 11, 2019 in  College News

WATERLOO–Hawkeye Community College opened the 20th annual Student Art Show by announcing numerous awards during an reception held Tuesday, April 2.

Laura Gleissner, associate professor of art at Upper Iowa University, served as juror for the show, and awards were presented by Kim Behm, Hawkeye fine arts instructor, and Catharine Freeman, Hawkeye’s dean of Arts and Sciences.

The following are the winners, along with their hometown and artwork description.

Name Hometown Award Artwork
Ryan Dueker West Des Moines, Iowa Bookstore Award ($50) Planting Season (Photography)
Ty Bellfy Waterloo, Iowa Cultural Committee Award ($75) Remnants of Erosion (Photography)
Katharine Petersen Waterloo, Iowa Story Award ($75) Self Portrait (Photography)
Khadga Tamang Waterloo, Iowa Students Award ($64) Hut Number 41 (Mixed Media)
Xavier Jordan Waterloo, Iowa Students Award ($64) Knights of the Element (Digital)
Kara DePuew Belmond, Iowa Faculty Award ($100)* Outdoor Advertisement (Digital)
Khadga Tamang Waterloo, Iowa Grandy Ashwood Award ($100)* Self Portrait (Oil)
Pavan Muppala Bengaluru, India Grandy Ashwood Award ($100) Your Hive (Interactive Mixed Media)
Jessica Sund Cedar Falls, Iowa Fine Arts Award ($100) Celestial Order and 7 Elements (Ink)
Aysha Parpucu Cedar Falls, Iowa Dean of Arts and Sciences Award ($100)* Haven for the Blind (Watercolor)
Katharine Petersen Waterloo, Iowa Dean of Arts and Sciences Award ($100) The Edge of the Eighth Wonder (Photography)
Ty Bellfy Waterloo, Iowa Dean of Students Award ($150) Vacancy (Photography)
Katharine Petersen Waterloo, Iowa Board of Trustees Award ($150)* The Edge of the Eighth Wonder (Photography)
Rhianna Folkerts Osage, Iowa Library Award ($150)* Set Fire to the Rain (Photography)
Rachel Richards Lansing, Iowa Academic Affairs Award ($170) School’s Out (Photography)
Khadga Tamang Waterloo, Iowa President’s Award ($200) First Dashain in the U.S. (Painting)
*Denotes purchase awards. These pieces will become part of the college’s collection and permanently installed on campus. 

All art show submissions are on display  through May 9, 2019, in the Library on Hawkeye’s Main Campus, 1501 E. Orange Road, Waterloo. After that, the award-winning pieces will be on display at the Van G. Miller Adult Learning Center, 120 Jefferson Street, Waterloo.


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