Graduation Profile: April Lines

posted on Monday, May 13, 2019 in  College News

April Lines was beginning her second year in the Ag Business Management program when she received the news no one wants to hear. A lump on her wrist that doctors first dismissed as benign was in fact a rare sarcoma. She had cancer.

April feared she’d have to drop out, but when her instructors learned of her diagnosis, they rallied.

“The instructors were amazing and really supportive,” she said. “They were willing to bend over backwards to help me finish school.” Through 25 radiation treatments and three surgeries, they worked to ensure April could complete homework, ask questions, and stay connected to her education.

After treatments she returned to classes on campus, then completed an internship at Landus Cooperative in Greene. After graduating this Friday, she hopes to find work at a co-op or at an ethanol plant, preferably not too far from the family farm near Nashua.


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