Hawkeye Instructors Jennifer Lynn Bates and Lindsay Buehler open art exhibit in Waverly

posted on Thursday, January 7, 2021 in  College News

Dictators & Dreamers, an art exhibit showcasing the work of two Hawkeye instructors is now on display in the Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery on the Wartburg College campus in Waverly.

The exhibit investigates infamy, the ripple effects of power, human rights issues, and dreams of the (seemingly) common person through the lens of mixed-media painting. Artist Jennifer Lynn Bates contrasts the faces of current or recent absolute rulers of countries around the world with the faces of immigrants, refugees, international students, and asylum seekers now residing in the Cedar Valley. The dictator is infamous. Dreamers are often anonymous. Now, they both hold equal attention.

Bates, along with artist and designer Lindsay Buehler, dive further into this discussion of the relationship between those who exert absolute control and those who seek freedom of information in a site-specific installation piece, entitled "The Great Firewall."

The show is on display through February 21, 2021. For more information and gallery hours, visit www.wartburg.edu/gallery.


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