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Eligibility Information

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Academic Information

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Financial Aid Information

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  Iowa Vocational Technical Grant
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  Vocational Rehabilitation Student Loans SEOG
  Scholarships Other (please specify)  

TRiO-Student Support Services Program Expectations

I agree to utilize the TRiO-Student Support Services Program/Staff and Hawkeye Community College facilities to help me be academically successful with my program of study.

I agree to allow TRiO-Student Support Services staff to access current income eligibility data filed through the college Financial Aid office.

I have been offered sufficient financial assistance to meet my full financial needs (as assessed by the Financial Aid office under federal guidelines) or will seek my own sources to meet my direct and indirect academic financial needs.

I agree to allow the TRiO-Student Support Services staff to access Hawkeye Community College academic records, monitor my academic progress through communication with faculty, and other student support staff and obtain a copy of my grades each term.

I agree to allow TRiO-Student Support Services staff to share information in my TRiO-Student Support Services file with other TRiO programs for the purpose of determining program eligibility and transfer procedures.

I certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my ability. I understand that the information supplied on this application is and will be kept confidential.

By submitting your TRiO Application you agree to the terms of the TRiO-Student Support Services Program Expectations.

If you are not redirected to a confirmation page once you have submitted your TRiO Application, please check to be sure you have completed all the required information.


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