High School Juniors — Explore Your Interests

Do you know what you want to do after high school? It's okay to say no. You're a junior. There's time for asking questions, exploring opportunities, and learning you really want from a college.

The first step is simple, what's important to you?

Academic Programs

Hawkeye has more than 50 academic programs to prepare you for a high-demand career in two years or less. Our instructors bring years of real-world experience to their programs to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need for success after graduation.

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Convenient, Affordable Transfer Options

Most students come to Hawkeye with a four-year degree in mind, and it makes sense. On average, completing the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at Hawkeye will save you $7,478 in tuition compared to a public university. Compared to a private college? Double that (and then some).

Hawkeye’s transfer majors are designed to help you pick the right classes to make transfer in two years as simple as possible.

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New and Expanded Scholarships

The Hawkeye Foundation offers dozens of scholarships with one simple application. New this year, Hawkeye also offers the Early Admission Scholarship and the Scholarship for Success.

Hawkeye students are eligible for the Future-Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship, which pays 100% of tuition and fees in 20+ high-demand career programs.

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RedTail Athletics

As members of the National Junior College Athletic Association, the RedTails compete across the country in nine sports: soccer, cross country, track and field, bowling, esports, dance, sports shooting, men’s golf, and women’s volleyball.

Hawkeye students get free admission to all RedTail home events.

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