Apply @ Hawkeye

Apply @ Hawkeye

Guest Students: Students who are from another college or university wishing to take classes at Hawkeye in order to transfer back to their current college will need to complete the Guest Student registration process.

Changing your Program of Study: If you would like to change your program of study, you will need to complete the Change Your Program of Study Application.

International Student AdmissionLearn more about the international student admissions process and complete the International Student Admissions Application.

Apply for Admission to Enroll in a Program of Study: If you would like to enroll in a program of study, complete each of the steps below.

1. Apply Online

Complete an Admissions Application. There is no application fee.

2. Meet Admissions Requirements

Students wishing to enroll in a program of study must:

  1. Be a high school graduate or equivalent. View our High School Diploma Verification Process.

  2. Meet basic skill competencies in reading, writing, and math for the program of study.
    Basic skill competencies assessment provides information about your academic skills in reading, writing, and math. This information will be used to determine your acceptance, course selection, and registration.

    Check out your program of study's admission requirements to view the assessment scores needed to enroll.

    College success courses may be required if your assessment score indicates additional help is needed.

    For course placement recommendations, based on your assessment score, review the Assessment Scores and Course Equivalences.

3. Send Assessment Scores

Send your assessment scores in reading, math, and writing to the Admissions office or register for the COMPASS assessment.

Accepted Assessments

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • ACCUPLACER (effective Spring 2014)

Previous College Experience

Assessment may be waived based on previous college course work in reading, math, and writing. Send your official college transcripts to the Admissions office for evaluation.

4. Send Official Transcripts

Send your official transcripts to the Admissions office. An official transcript is sent directly from your high school, college, university, or trade school in a sealed envelope.

5. Admission Confirmation

We will send you a letter of acceptance or non-acceptance in the mail notifying you of your acceptance status once you have completed the steps above. Please allow one to two weeks for processing.


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