Planning Your Transfer

  1. Identify one or two colleges that you are interested in and consider some of the following factors:
    • General location, size, cost, and atmosphere.
    • Strengths in your area of interest.
    • Successful placement of graduates.
  2. Get more information. Visit the college's website. Information about many universities and colleges, including catalogs and applications, is available in the Student Services office. If we do not have the information you are looking for, visit the college's website or request the information from the transfer college or university.

    Representatives from many area colleges and universities visit our campus in the fall and spring. Please watch for announcements to see when representatives will be on campus.

  3. Plan a visit to the college(s) which interests you. It is recommended that you:
    • Speak with an admissions representative.
    • Take a campus tour.
    • Meet with an academic advisor to learn more about transfer requirements and deadlines, your major, and plan your course of study.
    • Get information about financial aid and housing.

  4. Learn about the Admissions process.
    • Find out about application dates early.
    • Complete an Admissions application for each of the schools you are interested in.
    • Note the application deadline and be sure your application is complete and you have sent the application fee or fee waiver form before the application deadline.
  5. Take the ACT or SAT if it is required and have copies of your results sent to your transfer college or university.

  6. Send your official transcripts (college and high school if necessary) to the transfer college or university.

  7. Learn which classes will transfer. The Admissions office at the transfer college or university will be able to answer your questions about course evaluation and handling credit hours. Request that your transfer credits be certified.

  8. To see what courses you have completed and the remaining course requirements for your program at Hawkeye, you can run a Program Evaluation in My Hawkeye > Self-Service Menu > WebAdvisor for Students > Academic Planning > Academic Evaluation.

  9. Make an appointment with a Hawkeye Advisor. An Advisor can assist you to:
    • Choose a career using a computerized tool called I Have a Plan Iowa.
    • Identify course requirements in your major field of study.
    • Review your progress towards your degree.
    • Discuss your transfer plans.
    • Review your schedule for the semester before you transfer or graduate.

  10. Plan to attend Transfer Orientation. Transfer orientation days for ISU, UNI, and University of Iowa are posted in our College Transfer Newsletter.

  11. With the help of an advisor from your new major, select your classes and register.

  12. Apply for Hawkeye Community College graduation when you register for classes for your final semester at Hawkeye.

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