Receiving a Letter of Non-Acceptance

What should you do if you receive a letter of non-acceptance from the college or university of your choice?

  1. See your Hawkeye Advisor to explore your options. Bring a copy of your original application and ask your Advisor to critique it.

  2. Identify the college(s) that have rolling admissions or no specific admissions application deadline.

  3. Visit the college(s) which you are now considering.

  4. Complete application(s) for new colleges using strategies suggested for improvement.

  5. Inform your references of your change in plans. Request that new letters of recommendation be sent if necessary.

  6. Consider contacting the college(s) where you were denied admission and ask them why.
    • Think of your inquiry as a learning experience. Don't be defensive or vindictive.
    • Ask to be put on a waiting list.
    • Find out what your chances of acceptance would be if you reapplied for admission at a later date.

  7. Consider waiting until a later semester to transfer.

  8. Consider taking more classes at Hawkeye, but check to make sure that your total number of transferable credits will not exceed those accepted by your intended school. Check with the Financial Aid office to make sure you are still eligible for financial aid.

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