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University of Iowa Teacher Education Program

Students interested in Elementary Education or Secondary Education must be admitted to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) and to the Teacher Education Program.

Students interested in Secondary Education must apply to the College with the major that they want to teach and be prepared to comply with the additional major’s degree requirements. If interested in Art, English, Foreign Languages, or Math, Music, or Science, a specific number of semester hours, courses, and GPAs may be required. Please check with a University of Iowa advisor.

Students who have completed the AA degree from Hawkeye will have completed all general education requirements for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) and the College of Education with the exception of the Foreign Language requirement.

Students are encouraged to consult closely with their Hawkeye advisor as well as a University of Iowa transfer advisor to ensure that they are completing all of the necessary course/admission requirements.

These requirements are subject to change without notice.  Please check with the University of Iowa for verification of courses.

Admissions Requirements

To seek admission to the Teacher Education Program a student must satisfy the following:

  • Be admitted to one of the University of Iowa Colleges as a degree candidate. Students will need to adhere to the College’s application requirements and dates. (e.g. College of Liberal Arts & Science application deadlines).

  • Application deadlines for the Teacher Education Program are March 1 for fall and October 1 for spring.

  • Applicants must attain sophomore standing—30 semester hours completed—prior to the semester they plan to enroll in the teacher education course sequence.

  • Test Scores of Praxis I, Praxis Core, or G.R.E. (G.R.E. is required for application to all College of Education graduate degree programs).
    • Praxis I (C-PPST) Designated Institution Score Report with minimum scores: 522 cumulative (an average of 174) and no score below 170 on Reading, Writing, and Mathematics tests; or
    • Praxis Core Test Designated Institution Score Report with minimum scores: Reading 156, Writing 162, and Mathematics 150; or
    • G.R.E. General Test or G.R.E. revised General Test Graduate Institution Report of Scores with minimum scores: Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning composite of 1080 (General Test) or 300 (revised General Test), with 3.0 on the Analytical Writing section.

Required Application Materials

Applicants must submit an application of admission to the Teacher Education Program and the following required application materials to be considered for acceptance into a Teacher Education Program:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • Essay
  • Resume
  • Non Law Enforcement Record Check Request form
  • Student Consent for Release of Records form

Students must also complete a 10-hour volunteer practicum prior to admission. This must be completed before ANY methods courses in the major can be taken. Students may use EDU-920 Field Experience to meet this requirement with documentation from course instructor

Minimum GPA Requirements and Additional Coursework Requirements

Admission into the College of Education will require an overall GPA of 3.00.

  • Art Education: 3.00 GPA in 12 semester hours of Art or Art History courses.
  • Math Education: 2.5 GPA and successful completion of Calculus I and II
  • Music Education: 3.0 GPA in Music course work for and completion of Music Theory I and II.
  • English Education: 3.0 GPA, completion of Intro to English Major, an 12 additional hours of English courses with a minimum 3.00 GPA, and at least one recommendation from a college instructor.
  • Foreign Language (5-12) majors: Must have completed 12 semester hours of course work in language of the program.

Some other Secondary Education majors may have higher GPA requirements.

NOTE: All students will be subject to a background check prior to the issuance of their teaching license. Minor offenses can delay licensure. Major offenses can prohibit licensure. Check with the State of Iowa Department of Education for further questions. It is important to be truthful about this information on your IOWA application because omissions or false information can be grounds for denial of licensure from the state of Iowa, even for minor offenses.

Admission is highly competitive. Meeting all admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

Core Courses

Education core courses that should be included in the AA degree:

Course Courses Course Equivalencies
Hawkeye Courses Iowa Courses
EDU-216 Introduction to Teaching EDTE:3000 (07E:100) Foundations of Education
EDU-240 Educational Psychology (co-req: EDU-920) PSQF:1075 (07P:075) Educational Psychology & Measurement
EDU-920 Field Experience (pre-req: PSY-121 Developmental Psychology) Satisfies an Education elective

Students should keep all supporting materials from education courses (syllabi, notes, papers, projects, etc.) to be used to build “electronic backpack” of documented skills for licensure and job placement. Students in the Teacher Education Program at the University of Iowa are required to document achievement through a web-based portfolio, so it is important to save work.

Teacher Certification Courses

Elementary Education

Elementary Education Course Equivalencies
Hawkeye Teacher Certification Courses Iowa Courses
EDU-235 Children’s Literature EDTL3123 Reading & Responding Child Lit
EDU-246 Including Diverse Learners EDTL:4900 Foundations Special Education
MAT-151 Math Reasoning for Elementary Teachers
(MAT-102 Intermediate Algebra and MAT-122 College Algebra will not satisfy the requirement)
MATH:1120 (22M:006) Logic of Arithmetic
If you are planning to complete the science classes at Hawkeye, it is NOT advised to take ENV-115 Environmental Science, unless another physical science is also completed.

Secondary Education

Secondary Education majors may take courses at Hawkeye that meet graduation requirements in the content area in which they plan to teach (e.g. English, social science, biology).  Make an individual appointment with an advisor for more details.

Foreign Language Requirement

Students who have completed the AA degree from Hawkeye will have completed all general education requirements with the exception of the Foreign Language requirement.

Students must meet fourth level proficiency in a single foreign language. This can be met through four years of high school, four semesters of college, or any appropriate combination of the two. Students transferring without the AA degree typically will need to have second level proficiency completed just to be admitted. Courses offered at Hawkeye that can be taken to meet a portion of the requirement:

Foreign Language Course Equivalencies
Hawkeye Courses Iowa Courses
FLS-151 Elementary Spanish I SPAN:1001 (035:001) Elementary Spanish I
FLS-152 Elementary Spanish II SPAN:1002 (035:002) Elementary Spanish II
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