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University of Iowa RN-BSN Progression Program

Delivered largely online, this program is for associate degree and diploma-prepared RNs who are ready to expand their nursing skills and professional potential by earning the BSN.

Students can take 32 semester hours of coursework you will take at the University of Iowa are offered online with the exception of one practicum course which has face-to-face components. Practicum sites are regionally located across the state and you will be placed within 100 miles of your residing address.

The plan of study options are: Full-time = 3 semesters; part time = 5 semesters.

See the College of Nursing: RN-BSN for more information.

Admissions Requirements

  • Minimum cumulative GPA requirement is 3.0.

  • Prior to application, 9 semester hours of prerequisites and 12 semester hours of general education requirements must be completed.

  • Must have a Nursing Degree (ADN/Diploma) or RN License.

Admissions Process

Be sure to read/print the page with the specific directions.

For more specific information on applying, visit the College of Nursing: RN-BSN.

Transcript Evaluation

  1. Send an email to the RN-BSN Office,, with your complete name (including maiden name if applicable), contact information (mailing address), and which transcripts are being sent from what schools.

  2. Send an individual transcript from every school you have attended (including your high school). The transcripts can be unofficial.

    1. Mail: RN-BSN Office, 37 CNB, Iowa City, IA 52242 -OR-
    2. Fax: 319-384-4423 -OR-
    3. Email: 

When your transcript evaluation is completed, it will be sent to you electronically. The evaluation will show what courses you need to complete (prerequisites, general education requirements, and electives) prior to applying to our program. You may complete all these courses at your local community college. Once you have completed your courses at your local community college, you are ready to apply to the RN-BSN program.

Course Equivalencies

The following courses can be completed at Hawkeye before transferring to the University of Iowa.

Course Equivalencies

The following courses can be completed at Hawkeye before transferring to the University of Iowa.

Hawkeye Courses U of Iowa Courses
ENG-105 Composition I -AND- RHET:1030 (010:003) Rhetoric
ENG-106 Composition II -AND-
SPC-101 Funds of Oral Communication
BIO-151 Nutrition HHP:2310 (027:040) Nutrition and Health
BIO-168 Human A & P I w/lab AND SCB:3110 (060:001) Principles of Human Anatomy
BIO-173 Human A & P II w/lab HHP:3500 (027:130) Human Physiology
BIO-185 Microbiology w/lab MICR:3164 (061:164) Nurse Microbiology
MAT-156 Statistics STAT:1020 (22S:025) Elementary Statistics and Inference
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology PSY:1001 (031:001) Elementary Psychology
PSY-121 Developmental Psychology NURS:1030 (096:030) Human Dev & Behavior

General Education Requirements

In addition to the required semester hours listed below, students must take an additional 3 semester hours from one of the following areas:

  • Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts
  • Values, Society, and Diversity
  • International and Global Issues

We recommend checking the University of Iowa's course equivalency database to make general education course selections. Contact your Hawkeye advisor for assistance.

Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts—3 semester hours

The following Hawkeye courses can be used to meet this requirement:

  • ART-101
  • ART-106
  • ART-120
  • ART-123
  • ART-133
  • ART-134
  • ART-143
  • ART-144
  • ART-173
  • ART-184
  • ART-203
  • ART-204
  • DRA-107
  • HUM-140
  • LIT-133
  • LIT-142
  • LIT-145
  • LIT-189
  • MUA-106
  • MUA-119
  • MUA-120
  • MUS-100

Values, Society, and Diversity—3 semester hours

The following Hawkeye courses can be used to meet this requirement:

  • ANT-105
  • CLS-130
  • CLS-150
  • CLS-160
  • CLS-164
  • CLS-172
  • COM-140
  • COM-148
  • HIS-257
  • HIS-277
  • LIT-133
  • PEH-110
  • PHI-101
  • PHI-105
  • REL-101
  • REL-130
  • WST-101

International and Global Issues—3 semester hours

The following Hawkeye courses can be used to meet this requirement:

  • CLS-141
  • HIS-119
  • HUM-130
  • POL-121
  • POL-125

Additional General Electives Coursework—11 semester hours

  • The University of Iowa's RN-BSN program strongly encourages students to take a CHM-122 Intro to Gen. Chemistry course as one of the 11 additional general electives.
  • It is recommended to take natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, upper level statistics, business courses (economics, management), or education courses.

Foreign Language Requirement

If you graduated high school prior to 1991 you are exempt from the foreign language requirement.

If you graduated high school in 1991 or later, you will need to complete 2nd level proficiency of the same language. The requirement can be met for by taking four years of the same language in high school or two semesters of the same language in college. 

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