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University of Iowa College of Engineering

Students seeking the following majors must be admitted to the College of Engineering:

Minimum Admission Requirements for all Transfer Students

  • Demonstrated success (A’s or B’s) in Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Completion of High School Requirements
  • Completion of Calculus I
  • Completion of the equivalent of the Principles of Chemistry I or Introductory Physics I courses
  • An overall grade-point average (GPA) that indicates success in engineering
  • No minimum semester hours are required for admission
  • University of Iowa Admissions
  • Orientation and Registration (fall, spring, summer)
  • Placement tests (math placement test required)

Completion of the AA degree does not guarantee admission to the College of Engineering or waive the General education requirements. Courses will be evaluated on a course by course basis.

Students transferring to IOWA should consult closely with their Hawkeye advisor as well as a University of Iowa transfer advisor to ensure that they are completing all of the necessary course requirements.

In most cases, it may be advisable to transfer prior to completing an Associate degree (as soon as Chemistry is completed).

Course Equivalencies

Core Courses

Hawkeye Courses U of Iowa Courses
ENG-105 Composition I -AND-
ENG-106 Composition II -AND-
SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communications
RHET:1030 (010:003) Rhetoric
*CHM-165 General Chemistry I CHEM:1110 (004:011) Principles of Chemistry I
*PHY-212 Classical Physics I PHYS:1611 (029:081) Introductory Physics I
*PHY-222 Classical Physics II PHYS:1612 (029:082) Introductory Physics II
*MAT-210 Calculus I MATH:1850 (22M:025) Calculus I

The equivalent of CHEM:1110(004:011) Principles of Chemistry I or PHYS:1611(029:081) Principles of Physics I must be completed before any University of Iowa Engineering courses can be taken.

General Education Component (15 credits total)

  • 3 semester hours of lower level Humanities*
    • Hawkeye courses that can be taken to meet the Humanities requirement: COM-140, ENG-221, DRA-107, DRA-110, HIS-117, HIS-118, HIS-119, HIS-151, HIS-152, HIS-257, LIT-101, LIT-133, LIT-142, LIT-145, LIT-189, MUS-100, MUS-101, PHI-101, PHI-105, REL-101, REL-103.
  • 3 semester hours of lower level Social Science*
    • Hawkeye courses that can be taken to meet the Social Science requirement: ANT-105, BUS-183, COM-132, CRJ-200, ECN-120, ECN-130, GEO-115, GEO-131 and GEO-132, POL-111, POL-121, POL-125, PSY-111, PSY-121, PSY-241, PSY-251, PSY-262, SOC-110, SOC-115, SOC-120, SOC-160, SOC-201, WST-101.
  • 3 semester hours of upper level courses from the same department as one of your lower level courses
  • 3 semester hours of any upper level Humanities/Social Science
  • 3 semester hours of any upper or lower level Humanities/Social Science

If possible, students should complete chemistry, calculus and physics prior to transfer.

If a student starts a science sequence, it is strongly recommended to complete the sequence at the same college. Whenever possible, science sequences should not be split between two different colleges.

No credit is awarded at the University of Iowa for preparatory math work MAT-102 Intermediate Algebra but it does count towards 24 hours of transfer credit for admission purposes.

* Students should take only six semester hours of Social Science and Humanities general education courses prior to transfer. Additional general education credits likely will not count toward requirements or reduce the hours needed for graduation. In most cases it is best to transfer as soon as Chemistry is completed.

Additional Requirements by Major

Hawkeye Courses U of Iowa Courses
Biomedical, Biochemical, and Chemical Majors CHM-175 General Chemistry II CHEM:1120 (004:012) Principles of Chemistry II
Industrial Engineering Majors PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology PSY:1001 (031:001) Elementary Psychology

Foreign Language Requirement

Students who have completed the AA degree from Hawkeye will have completed all general education requirements with the exception of the Foreign Language requirement.

Students must meet fourth level proficiency in a single foreign language. This can be met through four years of high school, four semesters of college, or any appropriate combination of the two. Students transferring without the AA degree typically will need to have second level proficiency completed just to be admitted. Courses offered at Hawkeye that can be taken to meet a portion of the requirement:

Foreign Language course equivalences
Hawkeye Courses Iowa Courses
FLS-151 Elementary Spanish I SPAN:1001 (035:001) Elementary Spanish I
FLS-152 Elementary Spanish II SPAN:1002 (035:002) Elementary Spanish II
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