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University of Iowa BSN Program

Students seeking admission to the undergraduate BSN Program must be admitted to the College of Nursing. Students pursuing this degree must first complete the minimum high school requirements and the Pre-professional Curriculum prior to beginning classes in the College of Nursing.

Admission to the College of Nursing

Admission to the College of Nursing is extremely competitive. Students must have completed all pre-requisite courses and must have a minimum cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher with a required “C” or higher in all pre-requisite courses to be admitted. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission to the College. The admissions committee selects the best-qualified applicants from all candidates. Approximately 64 students are admitted to study each fall and spring semester. The number and quality of the applicants determine competitiveness of the applicant pool. The holistic admissions process is utilized for admission. A students GPA isn’t the only factor. A written essay is required, and experience in the health care profession can also be utilized for selection.

April 1st is the deadline for competitive admission. Transcripts must be received by June 1.

Pre-professional Curriculum Core Course Equivalencies

Students transferring to the University of Iowa should consult closely with their Hawkeye advisor as well as a University of Iowa transfer advisor to ensure that they are completing all of the necessary course requirements. In some cases, it is advisable to transfer prior to completing an Associate degree. It is advised for the student to get a transcript evaluation prior to application.

These requirements are subject to change without notice. Please check with the university of Iowa for verification of courses.

Pre-professional Curriculum Core Course Equivalencies
Hawkeye Courses Iowa Courses
ENG-105 Composition I -AND- GEN ED Rhetoric Writing Component I
ENG-106 Composition II -AND- GEN ED Rhetoric Writing Component II
SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication GEN ED Rhetoric Speech Component
BIO-105 Introductory Biology BIOL:1141 (002:002) Introductory Animal Biology
CHM-122 Introduction to General Chemistry CHEM:1070 (004:007) General Chemistry I
CHM-132 Intro to Organic & Biochemistry CHEM:1080 (004:008) General Chemistry II
BIO-168 Human A & P I w/lab -AND- ACB:3110 (060:110) Principles of Human Anatomy
BIO-173 Human A & P II w/lab HHP:3500 (027:130) Human Physiology
BIO-185 Microbiology w/lab MICR:3164 (061:164) Nursing Microbiology
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology PSY:1001 (031:001) Elementary Psychology
PSY-121 Developmental Psychology NURS:1030 (096:030) Human Development & Behavior
MAT-128 Pre-Calculus -AND-
MAT-156 Statistics
MATH:1440 (22M:015) Math for Biological Sciences
BIO-151 Nutrition HHP:2310 (027:040) Nutrition & Health
SOC-115 Social Problems -OR- SOC:1020 (034:002) Social Problems
SOC-110 Intro to Sociology SOC:1010 (034:001) Introduction to Sociology
Physics (If not taken in high school; Admissions Requirement)


  • Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts—3 semester hours
  • Values, Society, and Diversity—3 semester hours
  • International & Global Issues—3 semester hours

Additional Requirements

  • NURS:3110 (096:110) Health Care Finance, a required prerequisite, is offered online so that transfer students may take it during the fall semester at the University of Iowa.
  • 12 hours of Elective Credit
  • Students must have completed 4th level (4 yrs.) of proficiency of the same world language from high school or 2nd level proficiency in two different languages from high school, or two semesters of proficiency in the same world language in college.
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