Academic Evaluation — Track Your Program Progress

The Academic Evaluation tracks your program progress, aids in registering for required courses, and helps determine graduation eligibility.

Accessing Your Academic Evaluation

  1. Login to My Hawkeye > Self-Service Menu > WebAdvisor for Students > Academic Planning > Academic Evaluation. View your Program Evaluation/Degree Audit in My Hawkeye.

  2. You will see a list of your active programs. Select the one you want to evaluate.

  3. Leave "What if I changed my program of study?" blank to evaluate your current program. If you would like to see how your current academic record matches up with another program, select it from the dropdown menu. This does not change your actual program of study.

  4. Make sure "What work do you want to include?" says "All (includes planned)" and click submit.

Understanding Your Academic Evaluation

Once you have accessed your Academic Evaluation, use this helpful guide to understand the different components and track your progress toward graduation.

Program: Shows the program/major you selected on your admissions application. If you are accepted to or currently enrolled at Hawkeye and want to change your program/major, you will do this by logging into your Admissions account.

Catalog: This indicates the year you started your program. It lists the classes required to complete your degree at the time you started your program/major. You will complete the courses required for your catalog year, so keep this year as a reference point when reviewing program materials like suggested sequence of study, course cost, printed tracking sheets, or other materials distributed by your program.

Active Registration Restrictions: This can prevent you from registering for classes or graduating. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic Suspension
  • Academic Probation
  • TRiO Student
  • Business Office Hold
  • Library Hold
  • Foundation Hold

Program Summary: Indicates your overall progress through the program of study.

  • In Progress: You’re working towards your degree, but haven’t completed or registered for all the program requirements. Do not submit a graduation application with this status. Register for all the program requirements first, then recheck your academic evaluation. Contact your advisor or department administrative assistant with questions.
  • Pending (Anticipated Complete): You’re on track to complete the program based on the following criteria. You should apply for graduation with this status.
    • Your current *IP (In Progress) course(s) and/or *PR (Preregistered) course(s) that has/have not started yet.
    • You pass all of your *IP &/or *PR course(s)
    • You have a minimum program GPA of 2.000
  • Complete: You completed the necessary courses for your program. Contact the Records and Registration office if your status is complete and you haven’t applied for graduation.

GPA Achieved/Needed: Your current GPA and the GPA your program requires. There are two types of GPA listed on a Academic Evaluation:

  • Program GPA: All of the classes that are part of your program of study. Program GPA is what determines graduation eligibility.
  • Institutional GPA: All of the classes taken while a student at Hawkeye. Do not use Institutional GPA to assess if you are on track to graduate.

Credits: Total of registered/completed credits.

Statuses: These are in parenthesis ( ) behind each program requirement:

  • Waived
  • In progress
  • Not started. You still need to register for a required course to fulfill the requirement/sub-requirement.
  • Pending completion of unfinished activity. You’re registered for a course that will fulfill the requirement.
  • Complete. All course(s) for that requirement are complete.

NOTES: These are placed after a course or sub-requirement. A legend at the end of the Academic Evaluation includes a listing of all the notes codes. The codes on your Academic Evaluation are specific to each individual student, not to the specific course.

  • *E — Extra. Course isn’t needed to complete requirement, or applying it would not contribute toward requirement completion.
  • *IP —In Progress.
  • *G — Course failed the minimum grade requirement.
  • *GPA — Credits shown are only applied toward GPA.
  • *NE (XM) — Non-Course Equivalency, including CLEP, Advanced Placement, or Test Out(s).
  • *PR — Preregistered. The course has not yet started.
  • *S — Status. Items with this status may not be applied to the program.
  • *TE — Transfer Equivalency. Course taken at another college.

Other Courses: Courses that don’t apply to your program/major are listed under this section.

Reading, English, and Math Assessment(s): Requirement satisfied by assessment (ACT, Asset, ACCUPLACER, etc.) or completion of developmental course(s).

The assessment block(s) can either be towards the beginning or the end of your Academic Evaluation. The Liberal Arts degrees do not contain this information. Your advisor can run a separate advising Academic Evaluation to view this information.

Placement Test Scores: Check to ensure all scores are accounted for on your Academic Evaluation.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress: Indicates if you are eligible for financial aid.

Please see your advisor if you have any questions.

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