Final Grades

Assigning of final grades is the responsibility of the instructor teaching the course. No other instructor or staff member has the right to change or alter the assigned grade except as provided for in college policy or procedures.

In general, your grades will be available in My Hawkeye > Self-Service Menu > WebAdvisor for Students > Academic Profile > Final Grades & GPA by Term four working days after the final day of the course.

Grades cannot be given out over the phone.

Grades are considered to be correct fifteen days after the final day of the course.

Grade Changes

If you question a grade you received, contact your instructor or Academic Dean.

This discussion must be initiated within 15 college days following the completion of the course, and must be documented via email to confirm the initial contact.

Grade disputes due to computational errors by your instructor, computer errors, misunderstandings in completion or quality of assignments, etc., may be resolved by you and your instructor.

In the event of a grade change, your instructor will submit a Grade Change form to the appropriate dean.

The signed form is submitted to the Student Records and Registration office and will be recorded on your permanent record (transcript).

Student Appeal of Final Grades

If you have discussed your final grade with your instructor and you continue to disagree on the final grade, you may choose to appeal the grade.

It is important that you maintain documentation of communication throughout this process.

If any timelines are not met by college personnel, the appeal automatically goes to the next highest level. If timelines are not met by you, the appeal process is cancelled.

At any point in the process, you can seek the advice of a student success specialist to help work through the appeal process, to assure you understand your rights and procedures.

Final Grade Appeal Process

  1. Complete a Student Grade Appeal form and request a meeting with the Academic Dean to discuss the situation. This request must occur within five full college days of receiving a decision from you instructor.

    After communicating with you and your instructor, the Academic Dean will render a decision and will communicate this to you and your instructor. This should occur as soon as is reasonable, but should take no longer than two weeks.

  2. If you don't agree with the decision of the Academic Dean, you may appeal in writing. The Academic Dean will inform you of this right.

    The written appeal should be delivered to the Dean of Students within five full college class days after receiving the Academic Dean’s decision.

    Your written appeal should include a request for a hearing by the Academic Appeals Review Board.

    The Dean of Students will forward your written appeal to the chairperson of the Academic Appeals Review Board within five full college class days of receiving your written appeal.

  3. Within five full college class days, the chairperson of the Academic Appeals Review Board will notify you of the receipt of the request for a hearing.

    The Academic Dean will certify to the Academic Appeals Review Board that the steps in the grade appeal have been fulfilled and will forward a copy of all actions taken up to this point in the appeals process.

    The Academic Appeals Review Board hearing will be scheduled within ten full college class days of receipt of your written request.

    The decision of the Academic Appeals Review Board will be final.

Academic Appeals Review Board

Voting members of the board include:

  • Dean of Students or neutral Academic Dean
  • three faculty members from Academic Standards and Issues committee
  • one Student Leadership Council representative

Members serving in ex-officio: Director of Student Records and Registration, appropriate substitute, or a Student Services representative.

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