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Final Grades

Assignment of final grades is the responsibility of the instructor. No other instructor or staff member has the right to change or alter the assigned grade except as provided for in college policy or procedures.

Grades are available in My Hawkeye > Self-Service Menu > WebAdvisor for Students > Academic Profile > Final Grades & GPA by Term generally four calendar days after the final day of the course.

Grades cannot be shared over the phone.

Grades are final fifteen calender days after the end of the course.

Grade Changes

If a grade is questioned, the student should contact the instructor within fifteen calendar days of the end of the course. If necessary, the instructor will submit a Grade Change Form. If there is no resolution, the student has the right to file a final grade appeal.

Student Appeal of Final Grades

A student may submit a formal grade appeal if the grade assigned is perceived to be inaccurate or unwarranted. The student bears the burden of providing sufficient evidence demonstrating justification for changing a grade.

Step 1: Complete the Final Grade Appeal Form and contact the instructor.

Within fifteen calendar days of the end of the course, the student must complete a Final Grade Appeal Form [pdf] and attach supporting evidence documenting the student’s appeal. The student will send the appeal form and evidence to the instructor via email.

If the instructor does not respond to the student’s email within seven calendar days, contact the instructor’s academic dean to proceed to Step 2.

If the student and the instructor agree on a change of grade, the instructor will submit the Grade Change Form and the appeal will be considered resolved.

Step 2: Contact the appropriate academic dean.

If the instructor decides the original grade will not be changed, the student has the right to forward the appeal and supporting evidence to the academic dean within seven calendar days after receiving the decision by the instructor. The academic dean will consult with the instructor and the student in an effort to resolve the matter. If the student is not satisfied with the resolution, the student can proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: File the Final Grade Appeal Form to the Academic Appeals Review Board.

The student may continue the appeal process by forwarding the appeal and supporting evidence to the Dean of Students within seven calendar days after receiving notification by the academic dean.

When the Dean of Students receives a student’s appeal of a final grade, the Academic Appeals Review Board will be notified of the appeal and will meet to consider it.

Both student and instructor will be notified by the Dean of Students of the date and time of the Board hearing.

If the student and/or the instructor cannot attend, the Board will still consider the appeal based on the information provided on the Final Grade Appeal Form.

The decision of the Academic Appeals Review Board is final. The Dean of Students, in consultation with the Provost/Vice-President of Academic Affairs, will notify the student and the instructor of the final decision in writing.

The Academic Appeals Review Board is comprised of:

  • Dean of Students (presiding)
  • At least three faculty representatives selected from the Academic Standards Committee
  • One Student Leadership Council representative
  • Registrar or designee (serving as ex officio)

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