How to Drop or Withdraw From a Course

You are considered enrolled even if you stop attending classes. Non-attendance and non-payment does not withdraw you from your course(s).

Understand the Difference


Students can drop a class on or before the Tuition Refund deadline.

Dropping a course:

  • Removes the course from your course schedule.
  • The course will not be recorded on your transcript.
  • You will not be charged for the course.

To drop a course(s) you must complete the official withdrawal process.


After the Tuition Refund deadline students can withdraw from course(s) prior to the Withdrawal deadline.

By withdrawing from a course:

  • The course will remain on your transcript.
  • You will receive a “W” grade for the course on your transcript. This “W” grade is not used in GPA calculation.
  • You are responsible to pay full tuition for the course.

To withdraw from your course(s) you must complete the official withdrawal process.

Students who neglect to follow the official withdrawal process will not be considered officially withdrawn and will receive a letter grade of F on their transcript. Your last date of attendance will be recorded by your instructor.

Before You Drop or Withdraw, Determine How It Will Affect You

  1. Contact your Academic/College Success Advisor to learn how will dropping or withdrawing will affect your progress toward earning your degree. Will this affect your graduation term? Your Academic/College Success Advisor may be able to suggest alternatives to dropping or withdrawing that could aid in your success.

  2. If withdrawing, visit with your instructor to determine if withdrawing is your best option. Is there a way you can catch up? What is your current grade? What assignments and tests are left to complete the course?

  3. If you are receiving financial aid, please review the financial aid withdrawal policy and the financial aid warning / suspension policy or speak with a Financial Aid Advisor to learn how this may affect your financial aid eligibility for the current term and future terms.

If you withdraw from a course and then register for the same course that starts at a later date, your student account will be charged for both courses. To avoid being charged for both courses, you must drop by the Tuition Refund deadline.

Official Withdrawal Process

  1. Login to My Hawkeye > WebAdvisor for Students > Registration > Register and Drop/Withdraw Sections.

  2. For each course you would like to drop/withdraw, check the box in the "Drop/Withdraw" column and select a "Drop/Withdraw Reason" from the dropdown.

  3. Click the Submit button.

  4. After clicking submit, make sure the status for the course(s) says "Dropped from this section".

Your withdrawal request date and your last date of attendance will be recorded as the day you withdrew via the official withdrawal process.

Credits in Emergency Situations

If you are withdrawing due to an emergency situation and have completed two-thirds of the semester and the requirements of the course, you may request a grade from your instructor under the following conditions:

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