Hawkeye Library Student Survey — Responses from Library Director

As the Director of Library Services, I would like to thank all of the students who responded to our survey. We value your feedback and appreciate the suggestions, ideas, compliments and bits of constructive criticism.

I want to acknowledge a few of your suggestions directly as they were topics that were mentioned by multiple people, but please know that we will definitely use all of your feedback to implement improvements in the library environment, services and resources.

Responses to survey feedback from the Library Director
Suggestion Response from Library Directory
Library is cold We never knew you felt cold...we thought it was just us! We agree, the library does feel a bit chilly some days. That is why you often see us sporting our fashionable “librarian” cardigans. I will talk with our Physical Plant staff to see if the thermostat could be adjusted to improve your comfort level, while still being cost-effective.
Need a color printer We heard you, and we are on it! Our campus IT department will be deploying a color printer to the library (maybe before the end of spring classes). This will be a very good addition to our library.
Hard wooden chairs / uncomfortable furniture I will definitely investigate ways to secure funding to upgrade our seating so the study tables have more comfortable chairs. We did upgrade the task chairs at our computers last year, but furniture is pricey, so we have to do these upgrades in increments. Knowing this was a recurrent suggestion may be just what I need to help secure funds for this upgrade. Thanks for the feedback!
Have more laptops to check out The library staff is considering a few ideas that would get more laptops into the hands of students. Stay tuned for more details. This year, we did add five laptops in to the rotation and we also extended the check out time from two weeks to three weeks, so we are trying to find that happy balance of the right number of laptops and the right length of check out to help meet more students’ needs.
Noise — Some said it was too noisy, others said it was too quiet This is a tough one... Most students seem to want a quiet study area and for the most part we try to provide that. Occasionally, I do have to remind my library colleagues and a few students to “Please use their library voices” (hey, it’s in my job description). But, then we had a few suggestions to allow more talking in the study areas as people like to study with friends, etc. Unfortunately, our library’s layout is such that even if we designated the upstairs as a “quiet study” area, the noise from downstairs would drift up and vice-a-versa. Those people who do want to study with friends can reserve a study room and that allows more freedom to talk, etc. I wish I had more study rooms to offer to you all...that is a good segue to the next suggestion...
Study room reservations We know the old iPads we have mounted on the walls for reserving study rooms are old and decrepit and they will be retired this summer.  But, please use the new "Study Room Reservation" link on the Library's mobile home page that allows you to book a room in advance. Thanks to our Webmaster for being so responsive and quick to make this enhancement!
Upgrade technology in study rooms We totally agree...the collaborative technology has gotten cranky like devices that are aging out often do. I will see what I can do!
Offer computers in carrels or offer more private spaces with computers I can’t see a good way to add privacy panels to our existing banks of computers. But, I can suggest that if you do want to study at one of our carrels or in a study room with a computer, check out a laptop for library use only. Just remember, you’ll need to have your student ID card to check them out, but they will be charged up and ready for you. We have five laptops for library use only and you can request a cord so you can use it longer to!

If you ever have further suggestions, ideas, criticism, etc. please feel free to stop by my office and talk with me (319-296-4229), share your ideas with any of our library staff, or send us your comments and feedback.

Thanks again for the feedback. We are committed to helping you find the resources and services that can contribute to your success here at Hawkeye Community College.

— Candace Havely, Director of Library Services


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