Apply for Concurrent Enrollment

Current high school students at Hawkeye’s partner schools can apply to take concurrent enrollment courses.

Apply for Admission to the Liberal Arts-High School Student Academic Program

This step only needs to be completed one time.

  1. Sign In to your Admissions Account or Create your Admissions Account if you have not done so already.

  2. Once you've signed into your Admissions Account, click the "Create a New Application" link then click the orange "College Credit in High School Application" button.

    • Even if you have applied to attend Hawkeye full-time after high school, all students new to concurrent enrollment must submit an the Application for Admission and apply to the Academic Program "Liberal Arts-High School Student" to take courses as a high school student.

    • You will need your social security number to complete the application. If you do not have one, follow the instructions in the application.

Concurrent Enrollment Login

If you have not done so already, please apply for admission to the Liberal Arts-High School Student academic program before logging in to select your Concurrent Enrollment course(s).

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