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Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Requirements

High school teachers may be able to teach college-level courses through Hawkeye if they meet Hawkeye's adjunct faculty qualifications.

If you would like to find out if you qualify to teach a Hawkeye course, please work with your high school administration and submit the required documentation per the CollegeNow! handbook [pdf].

CollegeNow! Handbook

Each year a CollegeNow! handbook [pdf] will be emailed to each high school counselor, principal, and concurrent enrollment instructor. If you would like another copy of the handbook, please contact your High School Relations—CollegeNow! representative.

Registration for Hawkeye Courses

Registration sessions for CollegeNow! offerings will take place at each high school during the fall and spring semesters. Students must attend a registration session in order to receive orientation materials for Hawkeye courses and to register.

A High School Relations representative will contact each high school to select a date each semester. The registration deadline for the fall semester (includes trimester 1 and 2) is May 30. The deadline for the spring semester (includes trimester 3) is November 30.

Attendance and Grading

Each semester, all concurrent enrollment instructors are required to enter attendance, midterm grades, and final grades. Instructors must login to My Hawkeye to enter attendance and grading by the deadlines. Please refer to the handbook for more information.

If you have a conflict in your class rosters, please email a High School Relations representative and contact your high school counselor to make changes.

Professional Development

Each year all concurrent enrollment instructors are required to complete professional development through Hawkeye. You will be contacted by your academic dean or a High School Relations representative for more information.

Contact Information

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