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Information Technology Academy

The Information Technology Academy gives you the chance to explore a career in the information technology field while earning college credit before you graduate from high school! In this academy, you can take hands-on technical classes in database and spreadsheets, A+ certification prep, network, routing, and switches.

Career Opportunities

Your career opportunities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer user support specialists
  • Help desk technician
  • Network administrator
  • Network technician
  • Network support specialists
  • Systems administrator

Starting wages for these careers range from $28,400–$38,400* per year.
*Source: 2016 Iowa Wage Report, Iowa Workforce Development

Program Costs

  • Your school district pays for your courses and provides the textbooks.
  • You are responsible for any field trips and activities out of the classroom.

Who can participate?

Any 9th–12th grade student who meets the requirements.

What can you do after you graduate from high school?

As a part of the Information Technology Academy, you may receive up to 27 credits (approximately a $4,500 value) toward your college degree!

You can continue your education at Hawkeye in programs such as:

Where are courses located?

Courses for the Information Technology Academy are located at your high school and the Western Outreach Center.

Course locations may vary; contact your guidance counselor for availability.

Information Technology Academy Courses

◆ General education course
► Course has a prerequisite and/or corequisite.

Course Descriptions: Show All | Hide All

Semester 1—Fall (11th grade)
BCA-205 Database/Spreadsheets 3
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology 3
Total Credits 9

Semester 2—Spring (11th grade)
ENG-105 Composition I 3
NET-109 A+ Certification Prep Course 4
Total Credits 7

Semester 3—Fall (12th grade)
BUS-102 Introduction to Business 3
CIS-303 Introduction to Database 3
NET-213 CISCO Networking 4
Total Credits 10

Semester 4—Spring (12th grade)
MAT-110 Math for Liberal Arts 3
NET-225 Routing and Switching Essentials 4
Total Credits 7

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