Summer Classes

Don’t let a summer job stand in the way of your aspirations to earn your college degree!

Hawkeye makes it convenient to earn some extra credits — and earn some extra cash. Most summer classes are offered in an online format allowing you to learn from anywhere.

Summer Classes Start Throughout the Summer

Summer 2022 Classes Start Date End Date
May Minimesters 5/12/2022 5/27/2022
First 6-week classes 5/16/2022 6/27/2022
First 4-week classes 5/31/2022 6/27/2022
8-week classes 5/31/2022 7/27/2022
Second 6-week classes 6/28/2022 8/90/2022
Second 4-week classes 6/28/2022 7/27/2022
August Minimesters 7/28/2022 8/12/2022

Search for Summer Course Offerings

  1. Visit Hawkeye's Course Search in My Hawkeye

  2. Search for courses offered in the summer with one of the following search options:

    • In the Term dropdown, select 2022 Summer Term

    • Enter the Starting On/After Date and Ending By Date of the summer session you'd like to see the course offerings

  3. On more search criteria is required to submit your search. We recommend selecting at least one of the following:

    • In the Course Levels dropdown, select Transfer

    • In the Subjects dropdown, select your desired subject area

See Registering for Credit Classes for registration instructions

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