Study Abroad

Study abroad courses are offered for credit or non-credit, although most programs are for credit.

Group and individual travel options are available with programs varying from short-term (7–10 days) to being abroad for a semester or for an internship.

Students accepted to a study abroad program are eligible to apply for study abroad scholarships up to $3,000.

Why Study Abroad?

  • Professional Growth: Employers in today's global work market look for candidates with the ability to work with people from different cultures and background.

  • Academic Enhancement: Students who study abroad tend to have higher GPA upon returning.

  • Intercultural Development: Experience different values first hand and learn to understand and appreciate a different culture and see it in a new light.

  • Personal Development: Study abroad helps boost self-confidence and tolerance to unpredicted situations. This skill will help you become more self-reliant and independent.

Students are encouraged to participate in these unique educational and cultural experiences, as they may enhance their employment opportunities. 

Upcoming Trips

Current and Past Programs

  • Haiti: Developing Farming Practices
  • Russia: Peer-to-Peer Dialogue
  • Greece
  • Dominican Republic — Sociological Perspectives
  • Denmark — Animal Science Topics 

A Parent Guide to Study Abroad

A Parent Guide to Study Abroad [pdf], published by the Institute of International Education and the American Institute For Foreign Study, is a valuable resource offering the most comprehensive advice available.

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