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Federal Compliance

September 2016

Federal Compliance Filing by Institutions [pdf]

URL links for Federal Compliance Form Packet [pdf]

Appendix A: Worksheet for Institutions on the Assignment of Credit Hours and Clock Hours & Supplements A1, A2, A4, A5 & Supplements B1,B2,B3 [pdf]

Appendix B: Institution’s Complaint Policy [pdf]

Appendix C: Aggregated Report of Number & Type of Student Complaints [pdf]

Appendix D: Published Transfer Policies [pdf]

Appendix E: List of Articulation Agreements [pdf]

Appendix F: Evidence of Transfer Credit Alignment to College Policies [pdf]

Appendix H-I: Title IV Program Responsibilities [pdf]

Appendix L: Loan Agreements [pdf]

Appendix M: Campus Crime Information, Athletic Participation, Financial Aid, and Related Disclosures [pdf]

Appendix N: Student Right to Know [pdf]

Appendix O: Satisfactory Academic Progress and Attendance Policies [pdf]

Appendix R: Course Catalog & Student Handbook [pdf]

Appendix S: Required Information for Students and the Public on Programs, Fees, & Policies [pdf]

Appendix T: Advertising & Recruiting Materials [pdf]

Appendix U: Policy on Advertising & Recruiting [pdf]

Appendix V: Student Outcome Data [pdf]

Appendix W: Most Recent Comprehensive Evaluation Reports from Institutional Accrediting Agencies [pdf]

Appendix X: Standing with State Agencies and Accrediting Bodies - Availability to Students [pdf]

Appendix Y: Public Notification of Opportunity to Comment [pdf]

URL links for Appendices [pdf]

Audited Financial Statements for Two Most Recent Fiscal Periods [pdf]

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