As educators and campus-community members at Hawkeye Community College, it is very important that we recognize and respect the different religions of our students, faculty, and staff. For our Muslim students, faculty, and staff, Ramadan is a great time to celebrate their faith and reconnect with other followers of Islam. Ramadan however can be a very physically challenging time because of fasting. During this holiday many students want to be supported, heard, and acknowledged by their peers. It is important that our faculty and staff are aware of these challenges so that our students can be better accommodated for.

Ramadan occurs during the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar calendar. This year it begins Saturday April 2, 2022 and ends on Monday May 2, 2022.

How can we be supportive of our students and faculty/staff observing Ramadan?

  • Students, faculty and staff should have access to a private and quiet space to pray as they will be praying five times a day.

  • Prayers are very important during the first day of Ramadan, as well as the last three days. Professors should be aware of this and accommodate students.

  • If you do not know, ask respectfully. All students, faculty and staff just want to feel respected and not rejected due to their traditions. Asking questions like “How can I support you during Ramadan?” or “How do you celebrate Ramadan?”. This is a great opportunity to educate yourself.

  • Accommodate testing as it can be really difficult to focus during this time.

  • A lot of families attend evening prayers every day during Ramadan that can go as late as 11:00pm. Being aware of this can be really important.

  • Eating food around Muslims is not a problem, however, avoid offering food during this time.

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