Virtual Hospital

Pediatric Simulator

SimJunior® is an interactive six year old pediatric simulator that simulates pediatric issues such as asthma, foreign body, and cardiac events.

SimJunior® Features

  • A realistic airway that is anatomically modeled to the trachea.

  • Multiple breathing senarios including variable respiratory rates, normal and abnormal breath sounds, and the ability to create breathing complications.

  • ECG-monitoring, a cardiac diagnostic tool that uses 12-leads to record the electrical activity of the heart, and real life defibrillators.

  • Students can take the simulator's blood pressure and pulse strength.

  • Ability to do chest compressions on the simulator.

  • Intraosseous, access within a bone, and IV access to SimJunior®'s vascular system.

  • Ability to simulate convulsions.

  • Students can hear heart, lung, and bowel sounds. The patient can also speak.