Virtual Hospital

Core Skills Patient Simulator

SimMan® Essential is a realistic, full-body adult, wireless patient simulator offering comprehensive clinical functionality to teach the core skills of airway, breathing, cardiac, and circulation management.

SimMan® Essential Features

  • Allows learners to practice emergency treatment of patients.

  • Ability to use pre-programmed scenarios or custom designed patient cases.

  • Multiple simulations can be run simultaneously increasing simulation complexity.

  • Simulated patient monitor with touch-screen technology including the possibility to configure your layout and content to match your simulation environment.

  • Automatic debriefing, based on the event log synchronized with video pictures, which provide immediate, detailed feedback on performance to learners.

  • Airway system allows accurate simulation of all relevant difficult airway management scenarios.

  • Realistic practice of chest tube insertion.

  • Ability to perform needle and surgical cricothyrotomy, procedures that involve making an incision and inserting either a needle or tube to establish an airway.

  • Bronchial tree is anatomically accurate in size, color, and texture and features the accurate anatomical landmarks necessary to facilitate realistic fiber optic bronchoscopy.