Virtual Hospital

Birthing Mother Simulator

SimMom™, Hawkeye's birthing mother, is an advanced full-body interactive birthing simulator that delivers a baby and can simulate a variety of labor and delivery issues to train in a wide range of midwifery and obstetric skills.

SimMom™ Features

  • Four pelvic modules are available to facilitate baby delivery and post-partum scenarios.

  • The durable silicone cervix can dilate from 4 cm to 10 cm.

  • The Birthing Baby can be used in the amniotic bag to extend the level of realism during delivery and to simulate the rupturing of the membranes during delivery.

  • An atonic uterus, uterus that fails to contract after delivery, can be recognized and managed. Pressurized fluid reservoirs allow for simulated blood and urine to be used during a post-partum hemorrhage simulation.

  • A placenta with retained lobe can also be placed inside the uterus and manually removed.

  • SimMom's™ uterus can invert when traction is applied to the umbilical cord. Students learn to recognize uterine inversion as well as how to correct the problem through manual replacement.