Virtual Hospital

Advanced Skills Patient Simulator

The SimMan® 3G is one of the most advanced patient simulators available.

SimMan® 3G Features

  • Ability to simulate varying degrees of seizures and convulsions created from minor effects through to a full convulsion.

  • Ability to simulate bleeding and wounds. Wound models can be connected to an internal blood reservoir which will bleed both from arterial and venous vessels. SimMan® 3G will react appropriately according to treatment.

  • Responsive eye secretions reactions to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear agents.

  • A Drug Recognition System that allows students to administer drugs simultaneously. It registers the amount, speed, and type of drug automatically and applies the appropriate physiological responses, saving the instructor time and improving the overall intelligent debrief.

  • Ability for the eyes to blink at slow, normal, and fast rates and react with open, partially open, and closed eyes. Pupils respond to light.

  • In addition to the standard vascular access in the right arm, the new intraosseous access, access within a bone, via the tibia and sternum allows for procedure accuracy.

  • Students can perform a needle Thoracentesis and insert a chest drain bilaterally.

  • SimMan® 3G measures the quality of CPR providing real time feedback on compression rate, depth, release, and hands-off time as well as generating palpable pulses, blood pressure wave forms, and ECG artifacts.