Virtual, Simulation, and Advanced Technology

iPads in the Classroom

Mobile technology is growing rapidly. By 2014, the number of mobile devices (iPads, tablets, and smartphones) will outnumber the number of desktop devices accessing the Internet.* In Iowa, approximately 33% of our K12 school districts are issuing iPads or laptops for interactive learning and to teach students this technology.

Hawkeye’s Liberal Arts - AA Degree - Education K-12 Emphasis program is helping to prepare future elementary and high school teachers by using iPads in the classroom. Students get hands on experience with an iPad and learn how to integrate this technology in their future classrooms and lesson plans. They also learn how to access textbooks and a library of instructional resources. Additionally, students will learn to evaluate applications to best meet their curriculum needs.

Students in Hawkeye’s Network Engineering and Administration program gain hands-on experience in designing, implementing, and a user group of iPads with a standardized set of applications for instructional purposes.

iPads are also being used on campus to create short videos and to access class tutorials.

*Morgan Stanley report on online trends.