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Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are a great way to add variety to your workout routine and have fun with friends while getting in shape. Let our certified instructors help you reach your goals with fun, energetic, effective workouts that fit your schedule.

Wondering if Group Fitness Classes are a Good Fit for You?

Try it out! All classes are great for all fitness levels from beginner to intermediate. Our instructors help you work at your level!

We try to schedule classes at convenient times to fit into your busy schedule, however, if you can only attend part of class, that’s OK. We just encourage you to warm up and cool down if arriving late or leaving early.

I'm Interested! How do I Sign-Up?

Signing up is easy. Visit the Health Education and Services Center front desk to purchase your class pass (pay by cash or check) and sign the Health Education and Services Center Waiver. Don't forget your Hawkeye Card ID.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Please arrive a few minutes before class and inform the instructor of any injuries.

Bring a clean pair of non-marking athletic shoes.

We must have three participants to begin class. Classes can be cancelled for the day due to low attendance.

There are no refunds after registration.

Fall: August 24 - December 17, 2015

Students attend FREE! Employees $30
You can start at anytime.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:15 Boot Camp Interval Blast Boot Camp Interval Blast Boot Camp
9:15 Weekend Warrior
12:15 Beginning Fit Express Beginning Fit Express
1:30 Butts, Guts, & Thighs Butts, Guts, & Thighs
3:30 Power Hour Power Hour
4:45 ZUMBA Kickboxing ZUMBA Kickboxing
5:45 Yoga Spin & More Yoga Spin & More

Beginning Fit Express

Take a quick break and get in shape with this express introductory class. In thirty minutes the instructor will take you through some cardio, resistance training and stretching cool-down. This is the perfect class to try out new fitness styles and equipment!

Fall Session: August–December
Monday and Wednesday 12:15pm

Boot Camp / Boot Camp Express

For those who want to improve overall strength, cardiovascular ability, and take their workout to the next level! Classes consist of sports agility training, resistance lifting, functional training, core stability, and athletic components. The instructor helps you work to your own level.

Fall Session: August–December
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6:15am

Butts, Guts, and Thighs

This class hits right to the core. Core training utilizes the body's weight; incorporating abdominal, leg, and hip exercises to target those "trouble areas." Firm, define, and tone the mid and lower areas of the body.

Fall Session: August–December
Tuesday and Thursday 1:30pm

Interval Blast

Get your sweat on with a wide variety of cardio exercises. Intervals will have you going from floor aerobics to kickboxing drills to cycling to step aerobics and more! Includes some resistance exercises, abs, and stretching as well.

Fall Session: August–December
Tuesday and Thursday 6:15am


Mix up your routine with the balance, coordination and strength building moves of boxing or kick boxing while burning calories.  This high-intensity class is a great full body workout, incorporating a broad range of punches and athletic drills.  Training like this will physically prepare you for whatever punches life throws your way.

Fall Session: August–December
Tuesday and Thursday 4:45pm

Power Hour

Looking to burn extra calories, boost metabolism, improve bone density and decrease body fat?  Transform your body with this 60 minute strength training class that meets twice a week.  Each class focuses on a different area of the body while using a variety of equipment ranging from barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls and more.  This class is suitable for all levels of fitness and experience.  Track your progress with optional pre and post fitness assessments. 

Fall Session: August–December
Monday and Wednesday 3:30pm

Spin & More

Need a bit of cardio and strength conditioning? This class has the perfect mix! Enjoy time on the bike getting your heart rate up and then strengthen up with resistance exercises for an all-around workout!

Fall Session: August–December
Tuesday and Thursday 5:45pm

Weekend Warrior

Shed your work week stress and get energized for your weekend.  Cardio, weights, and flexibility all included.   This class is the best way to begin your weekend.

Fall Session: August–December
Saturday 9:15am


"Inhale strength, exhale stress"

Discover a workout that can make profound changes in body, mind, and spirit that no other exercise can bring.  Yoga workouts combine deep breathing, stretching, strength, balance, cardiovascular exercise and a meditation/"cool down" session.

Fall Session: August–December
Monday and Wednesday 5:45pm


"Ditch the Workout - Join the PARTY!!!"  Zumba® Latin Dance-Fitness fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away.

Fall Session: August–December
Monday and Wednesday 4:45pm

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